– San Diego Leather Pride –

1.24" SDBB 2019 Lapel/Run Pin

San Diego Bootblack 2019 pup Rowdy

Pup Rowdy is a short boy who stands tall for inclusion. His tenacious corgi ways of making people feel welcome extends to bootblacking where he not only invites newbies to learn about leather care & history but also encourages first-timers to get into the boot stand.

MsSDL2019 Lapel/Run Pin

Ms San Diego Leather 2019 Serafine

Growing up LGBTQ+ is a challenge even with a great support system… and it’s especially  difficult when friends and family don’t know how, or just refuse to offer support.  At a critical time in kids lives, so often kids are forced to think about survival rather than development.

As a parent and survivor of abandonment, Serafine Sawyer, Ms San Diego Leather 2019 asks you to join her in supporting the LGBTQ+ youth of San Diego.  Each pin is emblazon with two  gingerbread kids – one covered in the Transgender flag, and the other in the Rainbow Pride flag.  Half of all proceeds will go towards helping LGBTQ+ kids involved with The Hillcrest Youth Center.

“This amazing leather community showed me that no one should feel the sting of abandonment”

MRSDL2019 Lapel/Run Pin

Mr San Diego Leather 2019 Jody Mitchell

Speaking of our common LGBT struggles and the need for unity in this uncertain political climate, Jody Mitchell, Mr San Diego Leather 2019, urged solidarity in his speech at San Diego Leather Pride this year.

“…Now more than ever we need to unite as a people. If every one of us here tonight, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, age, national origin, came together in solidarity we could finally get it together and get it undone.”

Join Mr SD Leather 2019 in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Show your support and belief that things are gonna be easier, that the world can be brighter by proudly displaying your Mr San Diego Leather 2019 ‘Solidarity’ pin, hanky or both! Proceeds support SDLP and The Center’s Youth Services

2019 Titleholders

(L to R) Serafine Sawyer, pup Mephisto, pup Rowdy, Jody Mitchell, Paul Moo (Photo by Scott B. Smith)

Ms San Diego Leather 2019

Serafine Sawyer

San Diego Bootblack 2019

pup Rowdy

Mr San Diego Leather 2019

Jody Mitchell