SDLP Vendors

San Diego Leather Pride (inc) provides space on throughout the weekend for sole-proprietors, businesses and companies to offer goods and/or services.

While the primary Vendor Fair is promoted for Sunday, 17 March, if a company/business is able and wishes to vend all three days (or portion of), we are able to accommodate.

SDLP Vendor Registration

Information gathering for individuals or companies to occupy space at SDLP2019 with sales of specific goods or services.
  • Please provide information on the following: company founding year, company size, company audience, geographical target, etc.
    Our primary Vendor Fair is on Sunday, 17 March, from 10a to 2p. We are able to provide spaces on Friday, 15 March, and Saturday, 16 March, if a company/business wants to run more days. Please indicate which days your company/business will vend.
    Please indicate how much space your company/business requests. The Vendor Fair area is a tented area just outside of the main event building.
  • Please describe any specific requirements needed to provide the your company/business with the optimal environment (we will attempt to provide what we are able). Your company may need Power, Lighting, Ventilation, Tables, Chairs, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.