James Lee

James Lee

IMrL 2018

James began his Kink exploration in 1999 and his leather journey in Kentucky 2015. He’s been exploring bars, numerous events, attending leather contest, and kink classes to further his knowledge and experiences. His curiosity and egarness brought friends and his chosen family, who have continued to help him grow and learn. Standing 6’5, he’s a gentle giant that is approachable by anyone; and loves him a furry Daddy.

He has a passion for coaching youth Choreography in Hip Hop, Cheerleading, and power tumbling. While coaching he is a friend and  mentor to his athletes and their parents, locally and Nationwide.

Also known as Shockwave, James is a full Brother of ONYX Great Lakes. Which is a leather fraternity which provides education, fraternization and serves as a bridge for Men of Color to the greater Leather community.

His kinks and fetishes include:

Leather,BDSM, Neoprene Gear, and recently rubber. His hankies keep adding up so he hasn’t picked his favorite yet… With and exception for Hunter Green on both sides.

He is honored and privileged to be named International Mr. Leather 2018, Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017, and Mr. Crossings Lexington 2017. He is a member of The Kentucky Leather Brotherhood and a Member of Titans of the Midwest.

In his spare time, you can probably find him at Crossings Lexington, Pride Bar New Albany, singing Karaoke, and enjoying his Lexington, Louisville, Indiana, and Ohio family, playing volleyball, dancing, traveling, or skydiving. He loves action movies and pretty much all dancing movies. Will Smith and Anthony Hopkins are two of his favorite actors.

James seeks to create an experience in the community that doesn’t exclude but includes everyone that has passion for the community and lessons to learn, thus creating journeys that will grow the Leather community as a whole.

James believes – “That if you….Show the world your moves; who knows you just might move the world.”

And ask “Why Chase diversity and inclusion, when it should be chasing you.”

His rules in life:

Have Fun
Never Never Never Give Up