Jayson DaBoi

Jayson Da Boi

2010 International Ms Bootblack

Jayson DaBoi is my name bootblacking’s my game. I’m the 2010 International Ms. Bootblack and a New Mexico native. I officially started in the Leather lifestyle in 2005, but I’ve always had leather blood pumping through my veins, which was clear when my father taught me how to shine shoes, and I was had… hook, line, and polish! I continued those traditions into the military and now I’m able to share them among our community. I believe that Boots create a spiritual foundation of the Leather Walk and I want to ensure that everyone has access to a solid, beautiful, and polished foundation.

I enjoy sharing my love of leather care and traditions with all willing to learn. When not working my day job, you can often find me blacking boots in a cigar bar or living room, or out in the community fundraising for those in need. I love to help and I will pimp just about anything for any Leather person. My nights are full of supporting local, regional, and (as time/funds permit) national events teaching up-and-coming bootblacks. I am otherwise, quoting myself, “Enjoying life no matter what.” And that’s what I’m doing!

I proudly serve Ian Coleman as his boi. If not at a bootblack stand, puppy pit, or helping with auctions, I’m often found on a patio smoking a cigar. My friends would say I’m loyal, inspiring, loving, and easily a lifetime friend and family member to those I allow in. I believe in ohana in its truest form; ohana is family, no one gets left behind or FORGOTTEN.