Tamanava Eden-mclintock

Tamanava Eden-mclintock

Ms San Diego Leather 2017

Tamanava Eden-McLintock or “Tammy” is a 45 year old San Diego native and a married, bisexual, polyamorous mother of one. She comes from a family with a mixed heritage and a motto that “In service to others, there is service to self.”

As a Preschool Teacher turned Artist, Wedding Minister, Seamstress and “Wonder Woman in Training,” she holds a variety of degrees and certificates in Education, Nutrition and Theology. When she’s not out doing community service, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with family and friends.

She is a member of multiple communities including the LGBT, Leather and Pagan communities. As a result, Tammy has been blessed to meet, interact and grow with a diverse mix of people. Her hashtag #communitybeginswithme, reflects her spirit of problem solving and goal to always find ways to raise others up. Her efforts have led her to take on many leadership roles in these communities, from presenting BDSM workshops at UCSD, to serving as a Dungeon Monitor at Club X parties, to holding the titles of ICSD Ms. Cinco de Mayo 2016Ms. San Diego Leather, 2017 and her current title, Miss. Goldilocks San Diego, 2018.

Tammy has also been long involved with a number of clubs and organizations including Bears San Diego, the Imperial Court de San Diego, Girl Scouts, Club X, and the Hardpink Sisterhood. She is even a founding and former board member of the San Diego Girls of Leather and a former Co-Producer of the Leather Realm. These memberships have helped her provide community service, education, activism and fundraising for a number of scholarships, programs and people in need.

Having been on the contestant side of the coin, Tammy now enjoys serving as a judge for local contests when able and looks forward to seeing how future titleholders will help make our communities and world better in their own ways.