The San Diego Leather Contests

Ms & Mr San Diego Leather 2019 Contest Categories

Contestants will be judged by a panel of five and 100 points are possible from each judge. A contestant must have 80% or more to qualify for the title. The total will be certified by the Tally Master, and the Contestant with the most points in each contest will be declared, respectively, Ms and Mr San Diego Leather.

  • Interview (40pts; 32pts is 80%): The interview is open to registered event goers. The dress code is street leather, but is not necessarily what contestants wear during the “street leather” portion the night of the Contest. See the score sheet for additional information.
  • Speech (20pts; 16pts is 80%):  The 90-Second will be given during the Formal Leather portion of the Contest.  Speeches may be on any topic of the Contestants choosing. Contestants are encouraged to show off their public speaking skills and to let everyone in attendance know who THEY are and what they care about.  They will have exactly 90 seconds, and any overages will cost Contestants in the scoring.
  • Fantasy (15pts; 12 pts is 80%): Contestants will have five (5) minutes to perform a fantasy of their choosing. Contestants may use props and assistants. Fantasies are judged on creativity, self-expression, creativity, audience response, and demonstration of planning & organization.
  • Exhibitionism & Q&A (15pts; 12 pts is 80%): Formerly called “physique,” this category where contestants are encouraged to show us confidence, sex appeal, and cruising style. Contestants will provide a personal ad describing themselves and what they are seeking, which will be read by the emcee while they are on stage presenting their look. Contestants will be asked a pop-question and give a short answer.  The judges will score based on the contestant’s ability to think on their feet, entertain the crowd, and the content of the answer. Questions may be serious or silly, anything goes!
  • Engagement (10pts); 8pts is 80%:  Judges observe a contestant throughout the weekend and consider their social engagement, stage presence, and overall presentation of self.  The judges form an idea of a contestant’s ability to engage people and present information. Judges may consider the contestant’s appearance throughout the contest weekend in different gear/leather. A Judge’s perception of contestant preparedness may also factor in scoring.

San Diego Bootblack 2019 Contest Categories

First & Open Shines:  40 points (40%):

  • March 15 @ WBC. Time TBD but at least 45-60 min prior to opening ceremonies & then until approximately 10:00pm (except when  participating in ceremonies). Hard curfew at 11pm.
  • Contestants offer bootblacking services to Judges and other event-goers.
  • This category is weighted the highest because it most closely reflects how the winner will perform and conduct themself during the title year. Qualities the judges observe or experience are: skills, knowledge, chair management, personality, and appropriate level of professionalism &/or (if negotiated by boot-wearer & bootblack) eroticism.

Interview:  20 points (20%):

  • Morning of March 16th @ WBC
  • **Interviews are open to the public**
  • Judging panel has a maximum of 20 minutes to interview each contestant on their knowledge of bootblacking, bootblack history, accomplishments, mentors or any other relevant subjects.​​

Tech Boot:  20 points (20%):

  • March 16th (after interviews) @ WBC
  • Contestants are tasked with revitalizing & shining a boot randomly selected from entries to showcase their technical skills for judges to compare against the work of other bootblacks, using the un-touched boot from the pair as additional reference.

Speech:  10 points (10%):  

  • March 16th during contest @ WBC
  • Contestants give a speech on a subject of their choosing within the area of bootblacking to take place on stage. (90 seconds max).

Bootblack Sole:  10 points (10%):

  • Observation starts Friday @ Open Shine
  • Pop-question & personal ad (read aloud by emcee) are included in this score.
  • Judges observe and award points for personality, professionalism, demeanor, passion, and appearance. Judges place emphasis on when the bootblack is engaging with the public socially, on stage, or at their respective stands. The interview or tech boot portions should not influence scores in this category.

Contestants must achieve 75% to qualify. Raw scores are used.